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Perfectly Arranged

Liana George’s debut novel, Perfectly Arranged, the first book in The Hopeful Heart Series, released from Scrivenings Press. Order your copy today!

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Perfectly Arranged

Liana George’s debut novel, Perfectly Arranged, the first book in The Hopeful Heart Series, releases October 26, 2021 from Scrivenings Press. Pre-Order your copy today!
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Perfectly Arranged

When Nicki Mayfield, a young professional organizer, begins to close the doors on her business an eccentric socialite, Ms. O’Connor, offers her one last chance at success. Working together at the family estate they come across an unusual business card. To uncover a family secret, the pair embarks on an adventure to China, where each woman risks breaking down the walls around her heart to embrace new beginnings.

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Here, you can learn more about me, my books, and my writing journey – which has been over 40 years in the making.

While I loved reading and making up stories as a young girl, fear kept me from pursuing a writing career. So I tucked away my dream of being a writer and became a wife, mother, teacher, and professional organizer instead. Life was good, and I was content scribbling down my thoughts every once in a while.

Then one day, an idea came to me, and wouldn’t leave. I pushed it aside, hiding it in the deep recesses of my mind, but it was always there calling to me. Finally, I gave in and started to write. After years of hard work, I reached my childhood dream of publishing a book and can now call myself an author.

Dreams do come true, and I’m thrilled to be sharing mine with you!

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Liana George
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