Reader Gifts That Aren’t Books!

It’s no secret that readers love to receive books as gifts. We can never have enough books!

But there are other reader-related presents that any reader in your life would love to receive during the holidays (or any time of the year, actually).

To help you out, I’ve curated a list of 10 GREAT reader gifts that aren’t books but are certain to bring a smile to the face of the bookworm in your life.

Reader Gift Ideas

Here are a few fan favorites and some out-of-the box gift ideas that any reader would love to unwrap and enjoy:

Personalized Embossing Stamp. Book lovers can be particular about letting others borrow books for fear they won’t get returned. But with this embossing stamp, that’s no longer an issue! Where to Purchase: Cost: $20+

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Book themed or author candles. Bibliophiles will love adding a scented candle to their reading spot as an extra measure of ambiance. And of course, these candles are a mix of exquisite fragrances, while paying homage to the literary greats at the same time. Where to Purchase: Paddywax Cost: $30+

Clip-on Booklight. This gift makes the list every year as it’s one of the best things a reader can have in their library arsenal! A must-have for the serious bookworm in your life! Where to Purchase: Amazon Cost: $20 (or less)

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Book Protector Bag. Readers NEVER leave home without a book. Never. But it’s important to protect our prized possessions when traveling out of the house. The answer? A book protector bag! Now you can head out the door with your current read and make sure it arrives back home in mint condition. Where to Purchase: Amazon Cost: $15

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Corner Bookmark. Speaking of protecting a book, avid readers despise dog-eared pages! If you’re looking for an original and personalized bookmark, then consider buying a hand-stiched corner bookmark. It’s super cute and readers will go crazy over it! Where to purchase: Cost: $10-12

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Book of the Month Subscription. It can be dangerous to send bookworms into a store to buy books! Why not have them delivered to them instead? With a Book of the Month Subscription, the books come to them – making it easy for them to say even more introverted!! Where to Purchase: Book of the Month. Cost: $16.99/month

E-Reader. As mentioned in #4, readers never leave home without a book. But carrying physical books can be cumbersome and heavy. Lighten their load and give the reader in your life, an e-Reader (Kindle, Nook). There’s no doubt they will keep it with them at all times. Where to Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Cost: $100+

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Erasable Highlighters. Bibliophiles are notorious for highlighting passages of text that touched them on a deeper level, but they hate damaging books (as noted in #4 and #5). With erasable highlighters, they can have the best of both worlds – no more damaged books and they can enjoy the thrill of noting a beautiful sentence or phrase. Where to Purchase: Amazon Cost: $15

Transparent Sticky Notes. If highlighters are a bit over-the-top for any type of book annotation, then readers always have the option of using transparent sticky notes instead. Since they’re easy to stick and tear and don’t leave glue on the book’s surface, these sticky notes will have readers buying them in bulk! Where to Purchase: Amazon. Cost: $10

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The gift of time. It can be hard for bookworms to read without any distractions. If you’re looking for a cheap (as in zero dollars) gift idea, then give your favorite reader uninterrupted time to read. It’s the best present they’ll ever receive and they will LOVE you for it!! Cost: FREE

Whatever you decide to get for the book lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas. Not only will your favorite reader love you for one (or more) of these gifts, seeing the joy on their faces will make your heart full too!

Which of these gift ideas will you be sharing with the reader in your life? Any other ideas to add to the list?

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