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Released on October 26, 2021

Perfectly Arranged

The Hopeful Heart Series * Book One
When Nicki Mayfield, a young professional organizer, begins to close the doors on her business an eccentric socialite, Ms. O’Connor, offers her one last chance at success. Working together at the family estate they come across an unusual business card. To uncover a family secret, the pair embarks on an adventure to China, where each woman risks breaking down the walls around her heart to embrace new beginnings.

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Scrivenings Press

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Want to know what happens next for Nicki? Look for the next two books in The Hopeful Heart Series!

Perfectly Placed

The Hopeful Heart Series, Book Two
Releasing July 5, 2022

Nicki Mayfield may have hung up her label maker, but she’s not done organizing yet!

Charged with the task of restoring order at New Hope Orphanage, Nicki determines to do whatever’s necessary to secure its future funding. Surprised by a series of unexpected events at work, with family, and in her relationships, Nicki questions if God perfectly placed her in China after all. Resolved to find that answer and save the children, she takes on every challenge facing her. Will all be lost, or can Nicki ultimately remove all the obstacles and save what matters most?

Perfectly Matched

The Hopeful Heart Series, Book Three
Releasing April 4, 2023

Will beloved organizer Nicki Mayfield succeed at carving out a new career and building a most unexpected family, or will she end up in the one place she’s never wanted to be – living with her mother? 

Find out in the final book of the Hopeful Hearts Series, Perfectly Matched!

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