Gift Ideas for the Readers and Writers in Your Life

Whatever the occasion, it can be difficult to find gift ideas for the readers and writers in your life beyond just “another” book.

That’s why I’ve compiled another gift-giving list this year to help you shower your bookworm or wordsmith with some unique ideas that are slightly outside the box (or book!) and sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Gift ideas for readers

Readers love to read just about any book they can get their hands on! But if you’re looking for some unique ideas that will enhance their reading addiction, check out some of these gifts:

  • Personal Library Kit – If your reader has their own library (and what avid reader, doesn’t?) a personal library kit, complete with a date stamp, bookplates, and date due card, to keep track of your reader’s most precious possessions is a great idea! This way they can generously share their beloved tomes with others and know how to get them back! Cost: $20
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  • Kindle unlimited membership – Let them read to their hearts content with an unlimited selection of eBooks! For only $120/year – members have access to over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks and magazines.  Just know if you choose to go down this road, you may not see them for a very long time!
  • Personalized library stamp – Readers don’t just keep their favorite books, they possess them. What better way to show ownership than with this personalized library stamp? Cost: $10
  • Custom Ornament – Filled with your reader’s favorite books, this custom ornament will be the one they hang first! Not only will it fill them with joy, it’s a great way to support a small business as well! Cost: $9 
Image credit: Etsy
  • Gift card – If you’re short on time, a gift card always says love to a bookworm! Whether it’s to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local independent bookseller, they’ll be sure to find something to purchase! Again, just be aware that they may not come out of the bookstore for quite some time!
  • The “perfect” book – If you’re looking for a great read, then consider Perfectly Arranged by yours truly! Available in both paperback and ebook options, this Contemporary Christian Women’s Novel has been a hotseller and has received great reviews! Cost: $4.99 (eBook), $14.99 (paperback)
  • The gift of time – Uninterrupted time to cozy up with their favorite book is probably one of the easiest and cheapest gifts you can offer to the book lovers in your life! Plus, it’s guaranteed to be one gift they won’t want to return 🙂

Gift ideas for writers

Writers are a funny bunch. I know, I’m one of them. And as such, I know it can be difficult to find that “perfect gift” for them beyond a pen/pencil, thesaurus/dictionary, or journal/notebook/laptop. So here are a few ideas that they are sure to love and that are as unique as they are:

  • Adjustable foot rest – It’s a well known fact that writers spend a lot of time sitting at their desk writing. Why not make the task a bit more comfortable with an adjustable foot rest? Cost: $30 and up
Image credit: Amazon
  • Waterproof notepad – Writers are notorious for getting their best ideas at the most inconvenient times! If the shower is one place where your wordsmith seems to be entertained by the muse the most, then this waterproof notepad will ensure they never lose that great idea again! Cost: $10
  • Writer bookends – Writers are readers. Not just of fiction, but of non-fiction as well, especially craft books! Because of their large book collection, they need some way to keep them from falling over. These bookends are the perfect solution to that problem! Cost: $70
Image credit: Etsy
  • Adjustable stand up desk – Since writers sit a lot (see above), a great option to help them stay healthy while still being productive is a stand up desk. Easily transform any writing space to a standing desk with this adjustable ergonomical addition! Cost: $150 and up.
  • Speech recognition softwareNuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition software allows writers to dictate their writing rather than type it! A great way to help a writer work faster – and smarter! Cost: Home options starting at $200
  • Writing tablet – Whether they’re writing the next, great novel or jotting down ideas, writers need a place to write and store them. The ReMarkable tablet is a wonderful alternative to a journal or notebook. Not only will it allow your writer to keep written notes, it can translate those notes into typed text! A win-win for everyone! Cost: $399.
Image credit: ReMarkable website
  • The gift of learning and services – Is there a specific writing-related service (editing, cover design, writing coach) your writer is needing help with? Is there a particular writing conference they’d love to attend? Perhaps your gift to them could be to cover the cost of the service or conference for them. While it may seem a little boring to you, the writer in your life is sure to love it! Cost: Varies

This is just a short list of gift ideas for the readers and writers in your life, but hopefully, it will give you a few things to consider beyond just another book!

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